Wednesday, July 13, 2016

All These Perfect Strangers: Review

All These Perfect Strangers is narrated by Penelope Sheppard known as Pen.
Pen is an unreliable narrator and as I’m reading I’m asking myself “is any of this true?” She admits that she lies to her Psychiatrist, Frank, and the Police. I assume she is lying to herself as well.  I couldn’t connect with Pen or really feel anything for the cast of strange characters.

Aoife Clifford’s writing is ethereal as it weaves around events and truths, twisting and turning so we start to doubt what we have just read. Quite often I was questioning myself, “did I get that right?” Pen’s narration manages to twist the readers mind to think her way.  Aoife Clifford, an Australian author, pens her debut psychological thriller All These Perfect Strangers that traces the story of a teenager who wraps herself up in the world of deadly and strange murders in her university life. In this book, this young teenager uncovers herself from being a suspect to a key witness to a victim, while enjoying and experimenting the high and wild road of a university lifestyle.
Yes all throughout the book, the story will arise so many curious questions mainly due to the protagonists confession that she is lying and that she has the power to alter the truth. Sometimes Pen looks like the killer and sometimes everyone other than Pen look like the killer and sometimes someone apart from these characters look like the killer. What is the actual story behind Pen's past will claw and haunt the readers until the big revelation. I've never read anything before that left me thoroughly confused, curious and puzzled as the story developed further with the twists and the suspense.

I’m looking forward to More books by Aoife Clifford.  This would make a WONDERFUL movie or even a mini-series.

Verdict: Here comes an extremely dark, twisted and tantalizing as well as addictive psycho thriller that is an absolute must-read.
I rate this book ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (8 of 10) and an “A-“grade.  This book is excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it even if it does have a few flaws.

I was selected to be a Chatterbox participant and I received free e-book in order to give an honest review.

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