Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Line Friday: December 21st 2012 (Ahh! 4 Days to Christmas!!!!!))


And PLEASE if you believe that.......well, I'll be laughing at you yes -YOU-starting 12:01am tomorrow and I most likely wont stop laughing until I Branson, MO on Sunday to meet up with my littlest brother for Christmas!
And...if it so happens that they were right? I guess I'm SOL and zombie food ;)
But, on a brighter note, I'm ON TIME for FLF for the FIRST time!!!

"The Kettle began it! Don't tell me what Mrs Peerybingle said. I know better. Mrs Peerybingle may leave it on record to the end of time that she couldn't say which of them began it; but I say the kettle did. I ought to know, I hope? The kettle began it, full five minutes by the little waxy-faced Dutch clock in the corner, before the Cricket uttered a chirp."

This blogger highly recommends that IF you choose to read A Christmas Carol, you must also read Chimes and Cricket on the Hearth
! In fact, go to the nearest B&N and pick up the B&N Classics edition of A Christmas Carol. It comes with BOTH The Chimes and The Cricket on the Hearth as well!
Merry Christmas all!

"And, like Tiny Tim observed: 'God Bless us, every one!'"

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